I went to dinner with a friend tonight to celebrate her birthday! We went to The Whale a new spot in Logan Square with a great open air vibe that sits on the corner of the street so the opened windows wrap around and create so much space. The wall paper in the bathroom is just as beautiful as the steak sandwich! This was my second visit and it was just as tasty. We had the buffalo cauliflower, chicken wings, arugula salad and that super tasty steak sandwich!

I love food! So as often as I can I try and indulge in it. And I LOVE sweets, so please try the carrot cake too!

*** we went all out because tomorrow I’m starting a 5 day cleanse to reboot the system. My love for sweets isn’t something I’m overly proud in and doesn’t go well with my gluten and dairy super sensitivity!

Nothing better than good food with those you love! Happy Bday Melin🎈

yolanda trejo