Shoe insoles

Today was the day! The first day for me to try wearing insoles. I am unsure as to why I have resisted trying insoles for so long! 13 years into the hair game standing on my feet for 6, 8, 10+ hours a day you would think I would’ve become privy to this beautiful foot privilege! The Amazon order got delivered halfway through my day as I slipped off the “Raggedy Ann” insoles that came with my shoes, that I wear most days during the week, (all white Nike low blazers, covered with some hair and color stains, I slipped the fresh pair of insoles into my shoes and stepped in, wondering “wow why did I wait so long?”

I was at the shop for a little over 10 hours today and it was during my ride home that I really noticed the different in how my feet were feeling.

Day 1. Was a good foot day. Here’s to tomorrow and more foot comfort!

yolanda trejo