Brush your hair... please

Your scalps health is very important for the health of your hair overall.  We are in a time of busy busy busy, go go go, so dry shampoos, no shampoos, poo poo to washing in general is a thing. However! All that stuff you’re putting on your hair is just sitting there, clogging up your hair follicle (think pores of your scalp) and that’s not the best for your new hair, or the hair currently residing on your head.  

So lets talk solutions.  BRUSH. And brush dry. Yes when your hair is dry. Some of you may disagree but hear me out. All hair types can benefit from brushing.  We shed an average of 100 hairs a day! Often people brush/scrub wet but the issue with that is oil and water don’t really mix, so when you get in the shower and brush/scrub wet, and the water hits your scalp, it sometimes can just get stuck and not completely wash away.  This is especially a challenge with those of you who wash and go, curly or straight. Your head needs circulation and stimulation to promote blood flow, oil activation and movement (our bodies produce oils out of our scalps for our hair, brushing brings those oils down).  

So take a brush, big paddle brush is what I recommend (like the rectangle ones, often wooden), start in your ends, working the tangles, curls, etc. out softly ends up.  As you get closer to the root start to really brush the scalp.  Go different directions like a massage.  This is best done before washing, I like to lift the toilet lid and brush into there. Loosening up the dead hairs and scalp buildup. 

This will prep for a great wash in the shower.  after shower if you need to COMB your hair, or use a wet brush or brush designed for wet hair.  Your hair wet is very sensitive and elastic so too much tension is toooo much on wet hair. 

Hope this is helpful.  Open to questions and feedback.  DM us on IG @hairbeingart 

yolanda trejo