Almost 7 years ago I watched one of my best friends give birth to her daughter. It was an experience that really changed my life.  It made me aware of how incredible the female human body is.  How strong the heart and mind are and how outstanding motherhood is.  Women are so strong, in-tune, and wildly powerful.  While also being as soft and light as a feather.  Chelsea Brooklyn gave birth to Piccolo at 3:09am July 28. As a hairdresser I find myself amazed daily at how beautiful human beings are.  I play in hair, the crown chakra, for a living, I have grown an ability to feel people’s energy quite quickly.  I am bewildered at the comfort and trust people have for me.  I truly try to not take this for granted.   I have the pleasure to be part of people’s life’s, watching them grow and often times seeing a family grow.

There is something extra special about my clients that are mothers, especially those that I experience getting pregnant and than having the baby.  Watching the full journey, is really a priceless gift.  I don’t think we talk enough about how difficult it is for women.  This decision to have or not have a child.  Single, married, young or “old”.  With spring in the air and mother’s day and the talks of women’s bodies in the news I thought it would be good to give a little love and light to the MOMS! 

To my mom in particular who went into labor with me on Mother’s Day, 33 years ago.  Raising 4 powerful females (semi solo).  I honestly am not really sure how she did it!  

I should probably thank her more often.   

We should all be thankful more often for ALL the women who birthed us.   

Mom I love you

MOTHERS I thank you.  Keep shining.  We see you  

yolanda trejo